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Why recipes?

Educate Your Customers

Even a "simple" product can have many uses which your customers may not be aware of

Your customer's journey with your product is only beginning after a purchase. How do you ensure that your customer becomes familiar and is not intimidated? You use recipes and create an educational hub that illustrates to your customer how to use your product with delicious results.

With CommerceOwl, you publish recipes that feature your products front and center. That helps your customers who want to know the best way to use your product and how to incorporate it into their recipes and life.

“We centre a lot around giving our customers recipes and ways to use our products which really gets them involved with the business and makes them want to purchase new products to try different are an integral part of our business”

Colby Antler, E-commerce Marketing Manager
Queen Creek Olive Mill

"Our main message we try to portray is how people experience spices. It's definitely something novel to [an] individual to understand spices are not just salt and pepper but other things that provide not only a flavor profile but they have their own wellness properties that can be experienced in different ways"

Agnieszka Wajda-Plytta, Founder

You help your customers understand the possibilities and inspire them by teaching them what they can do with your product.

When your customers see a recipe, they might be brave enough to try a different variation and sent that to you or tag you in social media which helps build a community around your products.

You want to show that your products are versatile and can be combined with what your customer has at home and then showcase how they incorporate your products into it. The best way to achieve this through recipes. Recipes empower your customers to use your products in the best way.

Get Your Product In Front Of New Customers

Reach a diverse customer base

Recipes are a great tool to reach a more diverse customer base and help them use your products in more imaginative ways.

With recipes, you can tap into different lifestyle and diet trends like vegan, keto, and gluten-free and get in front of new customers.

If your product targets a particular lifestyle or a diet, recipes help you empower your customer to make more delicious meals while sticking to their diet. You can help empower and enrich the lives of customers who are trying to stick to a diet plan.

You're here to help serve your customers' dietary needs and education through recipes helps you in that goal.

Get Your Customers Coming Back

Get raving fans and generate repeat sales

"[Our recipe site builds] the experience for our business and it builds a lot of the brand and trust for us ... and building that connection between us and the customers.”

Colby Antler, E-commerce Marketing Manager
Queen Creek Olive Mill

Show customers how to use a product they purchased and they will buy more and as they become successful in their lifestyle goals, they become your raving fans! If customers have a better experience and enjoy your product, they'll keep buying and become your repeat customer and loyal fan.

Help customers discover your products when they look for dinner recipe ideas, a snack or vegan meals for Thanksgiving.

People Looking For Recipes Will Be Delighted To Discover Your Product

Help your target customers discover your products

Your customers use Google, Facebook and other social media platforms to discover recipes to make for their snacks, meals, events and their life.

With recipes you can introduce your product to your target customers without spending money on ads.

"[For popular recipes,] people come and they're on the site for a long time and [recipes] may act as an introduction [to our products] ... people find them either through social when we [link them] or via email and a lot through natural search."

Jim Kinloch, Digital Marketing Consultant
Lucy Bee

“[Our customers] always tell us how much they love that we have all of our recipes online because they always browse through and see what new ones we have or what new ones they can make.”

Colby Antler, E-commerce Marketing Manager
Queen Creek Olive Mill

Sell Utensils, Appliances And Storage Containers With Recipes

Recipes help you sell your kitchenware

Your unique kitchenware helps your customers live their life to the maximum potential and recipes help them really get to know your kitchenware products.

With recipes, you can highlight your product's unique features and capabilities and show your target customers what's really possible. Recipes help your target customers imagine themselves being able to cook things they never thought they were capable of.

With recipes, it's easy for you to tap into cooking and lifestyle trends that your target customers want to enjoy. Whatever the flavor of the month is, you can attract your target customers by creating recipes catered to it.

"We get a lot of customers and followers that say they want to see more recipes from us. [Even] once they got the hang of it and they're familiar with it, they want even more recipes so that they're able to do more stuff."

Callene, Digital Marketing Specialist
GoWISE Products

"Keto recipes, vegan, vegetarian, quick easy meals those are kind of our big content areas and those are so popular right now anyways [and] our tools make those eating choices easier so it's automatically a good sell for us if our recipes can be out there, people are sharing them, people are using them which is good promotion."

Britany Statt, Marketing Lead
GoWISE Products

Never Have To Think What To Post On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Again

"I run out of ideas, that's my biggest challenge"

Coming up with ideas and writing blog post or social media can be a real challenge. It takes a lot of time to write; time that you don't have.

Recipes perform really well on social media platforms and they're easy to adapt and create for your brand. At the same time, posting recipes on social media doesn't necessarily get more of your target customers to your website. Hosting those recipes on your website and linking them to social media posts will do that, however.

No Computer Or Website Skills Required To Get Started

Getting started is easy

"[Our] recipes look great and it's soooooo easy to use :)"

Samantha Irene, Marketing Manager

Marketing your products using recipes on CommerecOwl is so easy whether you're on Shopify, Squarespace or any other website hosting platform.

Once you sign up for your free trial, all you have to do is add a menu link from your website to your recipe website. It's that simple. No apps to install or code to copy.

You don't need a "website person". Publishing recipes doesn't have to be a pain. It's a simple as a few clicks with CommerceOwl.

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