Sell More Products Using Recipes

Get more traffic to your Shopify store using recipes

Help More People Discover Your Products

People looking for recipes will now be able to discover your products and buy from your store.

The CommerceOwl Shopify app makes it simple for you to publish recipes. Under the hood, we add metadata and markup to make your recipes discoverable and rank higher on Google.

Your recipes will also be discoverable on Pinterest, Yummly, and BigOven.

Professional Looking, Printable, Recipe Cards

Your recipes will look like they came from a magazine. They will be printable and look professional.

In your recipe, you can provide readers with prep and cook time, ingredients, instructions and pictures.

Save Time and Headaches by Not Having Another Website

Maintaining and integrating separate websites can add a lot of complexity to your business and introduce lots of issues and headaches.

With CommerceOwl Shopify app, you can focus on your products and selling them not maintaining different codes and websites with WordPress.

Ideal for a marketing team of one
  • 50 recipes
  • 1 user
29 USD/month
Ideal for a small team of marketers
  • 150 recipes
  • 3 user
49 USD/month
Ideal for a larger marketing team
  • unlimited recipes
  • unlimited users
99 USD/month