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Push notifications for Recipe App for Android and iOS inlcuding iPhone and iPad

I'll be the first to admit that we've not done a great job at marketing our mobile app development.

You see, for customers who have their recipes hosted on the CommerceOwl platform, we offer the option to create a recipe app for iOS and Android. The best part is that it uses the same recipes that are on the web. Which means you only have to create them once.

If a branded recipe app is what you need, schedule a time to talk!

Part of our improvements in this release is the ability to send push notifications directly to customers who have your mobile recipe app installed. That includes promotions of your choosing or even notifications when you post new recipes.

Other Improvements

Sometimes the biggest changes are the hardest to spot.

Since our recipe app is coming to Shopify very soon, we've made several updates under the hood to make this transition smooth and allows us to move very quickly in the future.

Stable incremental updates

To ensure no down time happens when we release a new version, we've implemented an architecture on Amazon AWS that allows us to switch version of the app with 0 downtime.

What's neat about this is that if there's an issue with a new version we're about to release, issues can be picked up automatically and the release never happens!

Bug fixes

  • Improved footer logo appearance — it now becomes gray scale so it integrates with the footer in a more pleasing manner

  • Search bar font consistency has been fixed

  • Removed the tags under recipes on the recipe listing page

  • Removed Cuisines filter if there are no cuisines set for any recipes

  • Change "Visit Store" button to make it more actionable and it's now called "Shop"

Stay tuned for our Shopify app release and even more awesome improvements to come.

Published by Gezim Hoxha
on Aug 7th, '20
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