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Our recipe app is coming to Shopify App Store

In April, Shopify announced the Shopify App Challenge. This is a challenge to encourage developers to create Shopify apps to help merchants in our current crises.

With people stuck at home, everyone has been trying their hand at cooking or baking. That's why breadmaker sales are through the roof.

Be it breadmakers or food, people need the inspiration to try out different recipes.

With our app, we aim to help food and kitchen appliance companies give their customers that confidence to try out recipes and fall in love with their products.

That's why I thought it was a great opportunity to finally get our recipe publishing app on the Shopify App Store.

I'm sure this global competition for $100,000 is going to be intense but we hope to snag one of the 3 prizes.

Check out our submission video (produced by Edmonton's own Chris Onciul):

Winners will be announced on May 19th and our recipe app will be available on Shopify later this month.

Wish us luck!

Published by Gezim Hoxha
on May 16th, '20
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