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Social media buttons on your recipe card

Since day one, our priority at CommerceOwl has been to make your recipes work harder for you.

One of the ways which we did that was to make your recipes look better on Google search results — and therefore more attractive to your potential customers. We do that by applying rich metadata using JSON-LD under the hood.

In addition, your recipes look great on social media platforms when shared.

Today, we're releasing a feature that makes sharing that much easier for your customers: Social media buttons for your recipe cards.

Now your customers can share your recipes with their family, friends and followers by a click of a button. The platforms we support are Pinterest, Facebook, Email, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Here's how it looks:

social media sharing buttons for Pinterest, Facebook, Email, Twitter and Whatsapp.

If you are already using CommerceOwl to add recipes, you don't need to do anything to get this feature. It was automatically added (you might have even been sleeping!).

If you're not on CommerceOwl yet, now is a great time to start inspiring your customers to try different things with your products.

Published by Gezim Hoxha
on Mar 30th, '20
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